Video - 6 X 2 Planning Errors @ Agile India 2015 : Learning “what not to do” can sometimes help us identify risks early in the cycle so that as a team, we can effectively respond to these risks. 2 major reasons for each of the 6 agile planning events give us 12.Agile planning happens at multiple levels. In Scaled agile delivery model, effective outcome of one planning event can influence the other significantly either positively or negatively.

This video  will help you alert your teams on “what not to do” during Scaled Agile Planning events. I tried capturing top 12 errors across 6 planning events namely Strategy Planning, Portfolio Planning, Product Planning, Release Planning, Iteration Planning and Daily Planning. 

Video - Action Based Scrum : In today's world, we see scenarios where scrum master role is mostly restricted to ensuring scrum methodologies through facilitating events. In reality, scrum master role is quite powerful where he/she can help teams, product owner and organization to succeed. In this webinar, we take a context where teams are continuously slipping on their sprint goals. We will see how and where an effective scrum master can rescue troubled teams and can help teams succeed.

Video - Agile Story maps:  It is a technique developed to organize and prioritize user stories keeping end user experience at the centre of guiding bar. Please click on below link to watch the video

Video - Value Stream Mapping Method: Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a lean technique that has been adopted by agile methods. It helps determine elements of non-value added steps that could be removed to improve the efficiency of a process. In this video, we will take case study and learn the applicability of VSM in improving the process efficiency. Please click on below link to watch the video

Watch video on "Let us write good agile user stories": In this webinar, we will learn what is user story and the significance of user stories. You will also learn difference between "use-case" and "user story".

Referring a practical case in point (Bus Reservation system), this webinar will first help you visualize the flow of the proposed system and then help you write effective user stories with clear acceptance criterion. You will also learn some tips for writing “effective user stories” based on hands-on experience.

Watch video on "Agile Transformation Journey": In this webinar, at high level, we will learn agile transformation journey. We will learn some of the necessary levers required to transform team culture, team skill, Organisation culture and  structure shift required for agile transformation.

Watch video on "Problem Detection and Resolution On Agile Projects":In this video, we will learn interesting insights about

1. Continuously identify problems, impediments, and risks;
2. Prioritise and resolve in a timely manner;
3. Monitor and communicate the problem resolution status;
4. Implement process improvements to prevent them from occurring again.

Watch video on "Continuous Improvements on agile projects ":For projects where uncertainties and risks are of high degree, we need to apply the benefits of learning as we go – on our current project, and as soon as possible. The immediate application of lessons learned is quite critical in iterative and incremental development methodologies. In this video, you will learn continuous improvement practices to improve 

1. Product
2. Process
3. People
4. Tools

Watch video on "Building High Performance Teams on Agile Space": Being told what “exactly” to do is never a recipe for runway success. Allowing Teams to self-organise enables us to use the individual complexity management skills that we all have... 

In this webinar, we will learn interesting insights about

(1) Situational leadership model
(2) What are Self-Organizing Teams?
(3) Characteristics of High Performance Teams
(4) How to Build High Performance Teams?
(5) Coaching teams at "Whole-Team" and "Individual" levels

Watch video on "Kano Analysis ":Kano analysis helps prioritise product backlog items based on customer satisfaction. In this video, you will learn Kano analysis using real time examples.

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